Suburban Living From MLS & Lofts for Sale in Mississauga and Toronto to Refinancing Mortgages and Marvelous St. Lawrence Market Condos

Suburban Living From MLS & Lofts for Sale in Mississauga and Toronto to Refinancing Mortgages and Marvelous St. Lawrence Market Condos

It seems to be expected that eventually we will all put up our lofts for sale in Toronto and move out to the suburbs to raise a family. However, after years and years of living in the heart of the city, moving to the suburbs can come with almost as much culture shock as spending time in a foreign country. To help ease your transition into suburbia, this article will outline the main differences between city life and suburban living so you'll know what to expect when you get out there.


The first thing that you'll notice about suburban living is that you have a lot more room to spread out in. A loft for sale in Toronto averages about 700 square feet, which is approximately the size of the basement or attic you'll be using for storage in your suburban home. You'll have your own yard, your own driveway in which to park, and your street likely won't look like a river of cars. You'll probably also notice that it's a lot quieter. And the best part: the real estate prices are much lower.


Of course, the trade off for buying a home off the MLS in Mississauga and gaining all that space is that it will take much longer to get to work. Whereas a downtown Toronto dweller can likely walk to work in ten minutes or less, suburbanites often have commutes in excess of an hour each way, most of which will be spent waiting in traffic or on crowded public transit. The only way around it is to change your job to a more local one or even a home based business.


In downtown Toronto, people are packed to tightly together that they no longer feel obligated to smile, say hi, or make small talk when they run into each other on the street. Not so in suburbia. Within a week of moving in, you will probably know all of the families on your block and will be invited to spend time with them in play groups or community committees. While you'd never see a condo agent from ReMax Toronto again, your suburban agent may even become a friend.


The biggest reason that some people choose to take out Toronto mortgages on tiny condos is that the location is so central to what they want - groceries, shops, work, parks, public transit, theaters, and more. In suburbia, it is likely none of these amenities (with the exception of parks) will be close enough to walk to. For the rest, you will probably have to make a trip to the big box mall. Quirky boutiques and mom and pop shopping is almost nonexistent.

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